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Michael is a musical force in his own right, always was. T he talent that made Von a sensation at 12 helped Michael stand out at 21. He had gone to the South Side one Tuesday, l ike all the other guys coming up. Von played a set then invited them onstage to jam, that's how it worked.  Michael went to watch, to learn, to play with the best, a nd that's exactly what he did. That night — and for the next 20 years.  Five minutes after walking in the door, he was asked to play. With the Southport Records crew in attendance, he made an impression, and destiny built from there. Within three days, he'd recorded his own tracks with Von. Six weeks later,  Von's drummer died in the bathtub. When he didn't show for the gig, Michael set up the drums and began to play. He never stopped. I'd like to think that Michael sensed he'd met his moment, but I don't know. What I do know is the guy could riff. To play with Von, you had to. You had to know music from the inside o